Case Studies

The Metro Fuels Sandgate Location

Case Study

The Metro Fuels Sandgate Location

The Challenge

The Metro Fuels Sandgate location needed an upgrade. The business’ underground fuel systems were wearing thin after years of service.

The real challenge for these jobs is in minimising business downtime. No business owner wants to shut the doors for any period of time – every day with the store closed is a day of missed opportunities.

Metro Fuels engaged with Prime Fuel Services to overcome this challenge and get comprehensive fuel work done in a timely manner.

The solution

The Sandgate location required extensive pipework. Poor planning or an unfocused schedule would blow out the construction time. But with the efficient workflow Prime Fuel Services has in place, we were able to complete the job in three weeks – within the initial forecast. This means all fuel pipework was completed and pressure tested by our staff, along with comprehensive hydrostatic testing to ensure quality standards.

The right people for the job

Within that initial three week timeframe, all the pipework was completed. But on top of that, we also were able to complete all the necessary underground electrical work while working in coordination with Conform Electrical.

Our close relationship with our partners at Conform Electrical, Conform Developments and Retail Recharge enable us to complete quality work on a schedule that simply can’t be matched by competitors.

With our work at Metro Fuels Sandgate, the earthing, conduits and other requirements were installed in tandem with the pipework, rather than by two completely separate companies working on different timelines.

What this meant for our client was an efficient, comprehensive job with clear communication across the board. If that sounds like the kind of company you want to engage with, fill out our form below and we can chat about your business’ fuel and development needs.


Prime Fuel Services focuses on quality and timeliness. We’ll ensure you’re exceeding safety standards for years to come, without suffering from an extensive downtime.

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